What is Alkaline water


Alkaline water is less acidic than the plain water which we drink in our daily life. Alkaline water is rich in chemical compounds which include calcium, potassium and magnesium. Alkaline water is more hydrating than the plain water and its pH value (more than 7) is also higher than the plain water. If the water has a pH value more than seven than it means that it has fewer hydrogen Ions as compared to pH value below seven. Besides the ultra hydrating feature, the alkaline water has many other benefits. It is not only healthy for the body but it is also beneficial to cure several diseases.

1. What is Alkaline Water?

  • Less acidic than plain water
  • Pure water has pH value around 7.0
  • If water is acidic it has pH value less than 7.0
  • Alkaline water has a high pH value ( more than 7.0)
  • Alkaline water has less hydrogen Ions

The pH value of pure water is seven and if the water is acidic it will have more hydrogen ions which means that the pH value of water is less than seven. However, if the water has less Hydrogen Ion than it is considered as the alkaline water which has pH value above seven.

2. What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

Alkaline water is very beneficial for the health. It has antioxidant feature. Our body can get a lot of toxic substances due to exposure to pollution, dirty environment and unhygienic food. Therefore, our body needs antioxidant to fight these radical substances, hence drinking the alkaline water can help to get rid of these radical toxic substances and improve the immune system

3. Alkaline water and Cancer

Alkaline water is effective against the growth of the cancer cells. The food we eat contributes its share in the acidity level of the body, which can increase the chances of cancer in long term. Therefore, the alkaline water has a higher pH value which means it can balance the pH value of our diet which can prevent the cancer cells to grow.

The alkaline water is beneficial for health which can prevent toxic from harming the body. The award winning Kangen water ionizer has also the highest antioxidant feature which helps to fight against the free radical toxic present in the body. Therefore, Kangen water ionizer is the solution for safe, healthy and affordable alkaline water filter.

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